Backpacks for Kids

Coastal Chapel Outreach

Did you know that there are thousands of homeless children attending school in Palm Beach County? They leave school on Friday and don’t know if they will eat again until Monday when they arrive back at school.

Doesn’t it break your heart to think that any child would lay their head down to sleep on a Saturday night with hunger pains?  We can answer the cry of these hungry children and be a blessing to these little ones in need.  Coastal Chapel, in partnership with Truth in the Word Ministries, “All Kids Need To Eat” and Florence Fuller CDC, is engaging these children with Life-Changing Love.

You are a part of putting a smile on a child’s face, helping a single mom and feeding the poor. Thank you for your generosity!

Make a Difference

Your monthly donation of $15.00 will provide four (4) weekends of food for a child. Every dollar goes toward providing food items into backpacks which are discreetly distributed to these children in school on Friday. The kids return the backpack to school on Monday and receive their "filled" backpacks again the following Friday.


Backpacks at Florence Fuller from CoastalChapel on Vimeo.

Our Partners

Florence Fuller CDC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children from economically challenged families with the goal of preparing children for a lifetime commitment to learning and empowering their families to build a brighter future.

Truth in the Word Inc. is an evangelistic outreach ministy, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and charitibly reaching out in service to all: from local community efforts to Global needs; all that God calls us to.